Privacy Policy , henceforth known as IT-INSIDE-CODE, lays down the policies that safeguard personal information of the client/ user . The rules and regulations are applicable for our website,, social & networking portals, and all online services, including every online activity we run, or own.

Your information with IT-INSIDE-CODE.

we will need your details, such as name and mobile number, if you register with our application. We use your location after your permission for better and fast service experience.

Use of personal information

IT-INSIDE-CODE will never pass on your personal information to third parties without your permission.

Some Important Points.

  1. Your name will help us to better conversation with you and provide you with the best customer experience possible

  2. Your mobile number will help us to contact you for fast services. To provide the products and services you purchase, respond to your questions, and carry out the transactions you have requested

  3. Your Location will helpful to find your location for visit at your home for door step repairing

  4. Your E-mail will helpful to provide latest update or any other information

We will not use it for any other purpose. our employ appropriate security measures to protect your Personal In

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